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Things You Have Prepared for Backpacker

Holidays are the most powerful way to eliminate fatigue after doing a lot of activities, such as work and school. This sekarng many tour packages that offer price and attractive option for a holiday somewhere. However, not everyone likes the dena holiday tour packages. They prefer to vacation like a backpacker.

They reasoned if the holiday backpacker style will be more satisfied because it can determine its own tourist attractions without any limitation of time and would be able to save costs. For those of you who want beribur backpacker style need to know the things that must be prepared. Consider the following review.

1. Determine the place and purpose. For a backpacker-style holiday the first thing to note is to determine the place and purpose. Make a list of sites to be visited. This is to anticipate that your vacation is not boring.

2. Do some research destination. After knowing the destination, then you should find out about the ticket prices, trnsportasi accommodation and culinary destination. That way you'll know the budget that will be prepared.

3. Bring the necessary items. Holiday backpacker style means you're on vacation with just carrying the backpack, so choose items that are essential for the purposes for how many days you do vacation. Bring paaian taste, toiletries, money, cell phones, and personal medicines.

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