Jumat, 09 Oktober 2015

How to Shrink Pores Face Naturally

The pores are large often make us feel disturbed. Besides unsightly pores large can also cause skin problems such as acne, oily skin and many more. Before knowing how to shrink pores, you must know what are the causes of enlarged pores. Some things that cause enlarged pores include genetic factors, the production of excess oil, dirt and bacteria growth on the skin. Well here's why several ways to shrink pores naturally.

Cleaning the face regularly

The first way is by means of regular cleaning. The main causes of enlarged pores are due to lack of hygiene to face. therefore, to overcome this you need to frequently clean your face regularly to keep skin protected from dust and the rest of the makeup.


After routine cleansing, you must take care of your face with a natural face mask. one of which is by using lemon. The trick is very simple, namely oleskanlah lemon juice on the face until evenly distributed. Let stand and rinse thoroughly.


The next way is to use honey. not only useful to brighten the face, honey is also able to shrink the pores. You can use honey as a mask. Namely dab of honey on the face until smooth, set aside and rinse thoroughly.

Such a review of how to shrink pores naturally.

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